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Who can sponsor a scholarship program?

Almost anyone can sponsor a program. Our clients include companies, membership organizations, private foundations, community foundations, associations, unions, trusts and individuals. We work with all types and sizes of organizations.

How are the fees determined for managing a scholarship program?

Scholarship Management Services offers free consultations. A representative will work with you to develop a program design at no cost to you. We recognize you have unique goals for your program and we will work with you to create your customized program design. The management fee is determined when your program design is established, so you pay only for the services you need. Contact us to receive more information.

How long does it take to get a scholarship program up and running?

The total implementation time of a scholarship program is dependent on the criteria required to manage the program. Once the program details are finalized and approved by an organization, the implementation time is generally 4-12 weeks. 

Is there a program minimum or maximum size to use your service?

No, we offer our services to very small companies who simply do not have the infrastructure to administer education assistance programs, and to very large companies who have discovered the value of using outside experts.

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